Zinc Oxide Powder – 1 Lb – Non-nano and Uncoated

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  • Zinc Oxide is the best UVA and UVB reflector and is a key ingredient in sunscreen lotions, calamine lotions, diaper rash creams, baby powders, acne creams and more.
  • Our Zinc Oxide Powder is Made in the USA in an FDA Certified Facility and it is Pharmaceutical Grade, which makes it as pure as possible.
  • Our Zinc Oxide is Non-Nano, Uncoated and Pharmaceutical Grade. (* NANO Definition: A particle that is smaller than 100nm and that if applied to the skin could be absorbed into the blood stream. Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Powder will not be absorbed but will sit on top of your skin to provide a protective barrier)
  • “French Process” is a method of pulverizing Zinc Oxide developed in 1845 in France by LeClaire. Most of the world’s zinc oxide is manufactured by using the French Processed method and our Powder is no different.

Details: Do you want natural, chemical-free Sunscreen, Sunblock, Deodorant, Diaper Rash Cream, Calamine Lotion, Anti-dandruff Shampoo, Mineral Make-up, Baby Powder and Acne Cream? ** MAKE YOUR OWN! ** Zinc Oxide Powder has been used for centuries to protect the skin from irritants such as in diaper rash creams and to dry the weeping and oozing of minor skin irritations such as in calamine lotion. The most popular use of Zinc Oxide Powder is as a UVA and UVB reflector. Our Zinc is Pharmaceutical Grade which means it has the highest level of purity, and it is made and packaged in the USA. It is uncoated and non-nano and will not absorb into the cells which is a concern with nano particle zinc oxide. Because it is not absorbed into the skin, it shouldn’t irritate or cause allergic reactions, however if any irritation occurs discontinue use. Mix it with Raw Shea Butter or other butters and oils to create your own home made preparation, or add to your favorite lotion to add SPF. MSDS is available upon request. Please e-mail us via your Amazon account and we will send you the documents as requested.

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