Parafilm M PM-996 All Purpose Laboratory Film

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Brand: Parafilm M

  • Safeguard products and quality with Parafilm M all-purpose laboratory film
  • Prevents moisture and volume loss
  • Self-sealing and pliability allow superior cling
  • Stretches more than 200 percent of original length

Protect the integrity of your laboratory and research applications by keeping moisture loss to a minimum and shield the contents of your items with a flexible covering and overwrap. Prevents moisture and volume loss due to material composition and seal strength reduce the risk of tampered data allows for off-gassing while still creating a tight moisture-barrier odorless, colorless and semi-transparent self-sealing and pliability allows Para film M to Cling around irregular shapes and surfaces permeability to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor ideal covering for Test tubes, beakers, petri dishes, flasks and more overwrap to further secure stoppers, lids and caps stretches to more than 200 percent of its original Length several lengths and widths available for a variety applications

UPC: 734655769967

EAN: 4589898989322

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