Noorlee 10pcs PTFE Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Stir Bar Spinbar White Color

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Brand: Noorlee

Color: White


  • Used to stir a liquid or solution in biological, chemical, medical and research laboratory applications.
  • The stir bar is placed inside a container of liquid or solution that is seated on a magnetic stirrer, creating a rotating magnetic field using a rotating magnet or multiple stationary electromagnets.
  • Stir bars are coated with Teflon (PTFE) covering, which is chemically inert and can be used with corrosive chemicals, also helps reduce friction and wear while spinning
  • Individual shapes create different vortexes for efficient and effective stirring
  • Brand new, never used PTFE stirrer bars. Shipped by ePacket with tracking number,take 7-17 days.

Details: Length Diameter

6mm 3mm

8mm 3mm

10mm 5mm

12mm 7mm

15mm 6mm

20mm 8mm

25mm 7mm

28mm 8mm

30mm 8mm

35mm 9mm

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